IP safety guide

Guide to Preventing and stopping DDoS Attacks

A distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is when an attacker floods a victim's internet network with malicious traffic, aimed at overwhelming it and causing downtime ranging from seconds to hours and more.

Stopping attacks when your IP Address is shared

  • If your IP Address has been leaked, or shared, you will want to change it.

  • Domestic public IPv4 IP Addresses (most likely the one you are using) that is show to the server when connecting to it, are split into two categories:


  • Dynamic IP Addresses change regularly, if you are on a home internet connection, you most likely have a dynamic IP Address.

    • To reset a Dynamic IP unplugging your modem/router for 60 seconds and then plugging it back in, should provide you with a new IP Address.

    • When you do this, you release your existing IP address so that your ISP can recycle it. When you reconnect, your ISP assigns you a new IP address.

    • Going to http://checkip.amazonaws.com/ should present you with a different IP Address than you had before.

      • If not try running these steps again, if it doesn’t work still, you probably have a static IP Address.


  • Static IP Addresses do not change, if you are on a commercial internet connection, you most likely have a static IP Addresss.

This makes it harder to gain a new IP Address

  • To gain a new IP Address you will want to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and request they change your IP.

  • Explain how you are worried about your security, and your internet has been going down, due to DDoS Attacks.

  • Most of the time they will change your IP at no extra cost.

Preventing your IP Address from being shared


  • Most large servers will not support VPNs, Vanilla+ included.

  • However, when playing on smaller servers, a VPN service is necessary, as they may not have security like you see on Vanilla+.

  • Most people can find a VPN service that works for them online, but a free, easy to use, low latency option is Cloudflare Warp.

  • Cloudflare Warp connects you to the closest Cloudflare server, which you can learn more about here: https://www.cloudflare.com/network/

  • To install Cloudflare Warp, go here:

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