Optimizing your connection

Utilize one of our global proxies to get the best ping to Vanilla+.


vanillaplus.net and all others - Global (Cloudflare)

route2.vanillaplus.net - United Kingdom (Global Secure Layer)

route3.vanillaplus.net - France (OVH)

route4.vanillaplus.net - United States (Global Secure Layer)

By using a proxy server, you change the route your traffic takes. It might be faster, might be slower, might be exactly the same. These have been put up on offer to give our most latency sensitive players options to improve their connection through a variety of conditions. We do not directly deal with the providers that move data across the world and we rely on providers to control the routes your traffic takes, but we hope that by giving more options to change how your traffic gets to the server we can keep more of the community happy. We are always looking for ways to improve latency and consider it the #1 user experience improvement we can make as a large PvP server. We only use the best vendors who use the best vendors themselves.

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