See all of the available in-game commands and what they do.

/msg: Sends a private message to another player.
/delhome: Deletes a previously set home location.
/rules: Displays the server's rules.
/points: Shows how many points you have earned from kills.
/balance: Another command to display your current in-game currency.
/sethome: Sets a home location that you can teleport back to.
/homes: Lists all your set home locations.
/guide: Provides a guide for using the server.
/tpacancel: Cancels a teleport request you have made.
/suicide: Causes your character to die intentionally.
/tpahere: Requests another player to teleport to your location.
/discord: Provides a link to the Vanilla+ Discord.
/msgtoggle: Toggles the ability to receive private messages on or off.
/tpdeny: Denies a teleport request from another player.
/link: Links your game account to your Discord account.
/unignore: Removes a player from your ignore list, allowing you to see their messages again.
/tptoggle: Toggles the ability to receive any teleport requests.
/nick: Sets or changes your nickname in the game.
/tier: Shows a players tier from
/ignore: Ignores messages from a specific player.
/lootdrop: Initiates a command that drops loot in the game.
/redeem: Redeems a Legend token.
/vote: See all of the links to vote for the server.
/tpa: Sends a teleport request to another player.
/restart: See what time the server restarts.
/afk: Marks you as away from keyboard.
/votetotal: Shows the total number of votes you have.
/store: View the server store ingame.
/team: Commands related to forming or managing a team.
/tpaccept: Accepts a teleport request from another player.
/2fa: Manages two-factor authentication settings for your account.
/home: Teleports you to a previously set home location.
/rtp: Randomly teleports you to a location within the server.
/rankduration: Shows the duration or expiration of your current rank.
/help: General help command for the server.
/r: Responds to the last person who messaged you.
/spawn: Teleports you to the server's spawn location.
/trade: Initiates a trade with another player (can only be used at spawn).
/report: Reports a player to server moderators.
/votes: See when you can unlock a home upgrade.

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