Appealing a ban

Discord bans

Bans from the Discord server can be appealed here:

Minecraft bans

Bans from the Minecraft server can only be appealed if you are not blacklisted. A blacklist isn't merely a matter of waiting out a set time frame, it requires a deliberate process. After a minimum of six months, individuals may appeal their blacklist by creating an appeal ticket. This appeal must not only acknowledge past missteps but also convey genuine remorse for any harm caused. Additionally, it's crucial to provide assurances that similar behaviour will not recur in the future.

  • You can appeal a Minecraft ban by opening a punishment appeal ticket in our Discord server.

  • You cannot appeal bans for other players, we only deal with appeals made by the player who was banned.

  • If you have been banned by the AntiCheat (You have been banned for 'Unfair Advantage') and you think that it is false, we will require a clip of what you were doing leading up to the moment you were banned. Without this we will not accept your appeal.

  • Make sure to provide: Username, Proof of punishment, Reasoning for punishment, What Minecraft client were you using at the time and an explanaition of why your punishment be removed, when requested.

  • Please note, that if your ticket is closed, or you receive no response, your appeal has been denied.

  • Do not ping staff in other channels/servers/DMs requesting for them to look at your appeal.

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