RAT safety guide

How to protect yourself from RATs (Remote Access Trojans)

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) are a type of malware that threat actors can use to gain unauthorized access to your computer. Players downloading mods from untrustworthy sources might inadvertently install a RAT. This allows attackers to control their computer, steal sensitive information, or spread the malware further.

Key Safety Practices:

Install Mods Only from Known Sources: Ensure you download mods exclusively from reputable platforms like Modrinth and CurseForge. These sites vet their content, reducing the risk of downloading malicious software (RATs, Viruses).

Do Not Share Your Account: Sharing it compromises not your security and increases the risk of you being banned for evasion. Keep your login information private.

Exercise Caution with Executable Files and Mods: Be wary of running .EXE files or mods sent to you, even from trusted friends. These files could be malicious and execute code which allows malicious actors to access your system.

Avoid Cheat Clients: Our server does not condone cheating in any form. The use of Cheat Clients and mods that provide you with an unfair advantage will not only get you banned, but also increase the risk of your computer being accessed remotely.

Keeping your account secure is your responsibility, any actions taken on your account will be treated as such. We strongly suggest you do not share your account and if you do, that's a risk you are choosing to take. Regardless of whether your account was hacked, shared, or accessed by someone we are unable to revert or undo any actions taken on it. If you think your account was compromised, please reach out to Mojang or Microsoft support. You can view logins to your account here: https://account.microsoft.com/security.


  • Use clients that come pre-installed with all the mods you need (Lunar Client for example).

If you think you have been RATed

  1. Immediately change all of your passwords across all of your accounts

  2. Completely factory-reset your PC

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